Cabinet doors being painted

Offering house and small commercial painting and staining services

From ceilings to trim to kitchen cabinets, from bathrooms to soffits to spindles, we endeavor to bring your ideas to colorful fruition.

Bathroom wall painted orange

With a good reputation

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We’re a registered Pennsylvania home improvement contractor, license no. PA096353, insured by an Erie Insurance Fivestar Contractors Policy.

French doors painted almond

Using traditional painting tools and good paint

With brushes and rollers, we maintain a finer application compared to the spraying techniques of today, a hands-on process yielding a more refined yet contemporary appeal.

We use Sherwin-Williams Emerald line predominately. However, we also recommend all-natural paints and stains from Earthpaint and EARTH+FLAX to achieve a longer-lasting and ecologically mindful resiliency.

Our Services

While our working preference is for interior work given the weather in central Pennsylvania, we also do exterior work, including aluminum siding, vinyl siding, wood, and brick. Decks and fences are becoming a centerpiece of our exterior work.

While we do not do any structural repairs, we are versed in all manner of pre-painting and pre-staining work, including caulking, patching, sanding, priming, cleaning, wallpaper removal, and power washing. Typically, we do not do exterior work exceeding three stories, and the same height restrictions apply to interior work.

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